LALD Toorak


At Luma Landscapes we take sustainability seriously.  It starts during the design process and follows right through to maintenance.  We provide a sustainable option where possible and do the little things to try and make a difference.

Our concrete rubbish is recycled, our used plastic pots are recycled, our green rubbish is composted, and our soil is taken to depots where it is re-blended. We aim to reduce our landfill rubbish at every opportunity.


On most of our jobs we use pavers that are made in Victoria, which have a lower carbon footprint than imported pavers. Imported pavers are used at the client’s request if there isn’t a better local option available.


We use water-wise plants where possible, and our gardens have drip irrigation systems that take the water straight to the roots, reducing water consumption.


The timber we use is generally grown in Australia.  Our cypress battens used on screens and fences are all 100% sustainable Australian timber. Cypress has natural ways of protecting itself from rot and termites which means it doesn’t require chemical treatment like other timbers.


The rock in our rock walls is locally sourced. They are a timeless and bespoke feature that will look amazing for many years to come.The timber we use in our decks is Darwin Stringy Bark.  This timber is sustainably grown and harvested by Aboriginal communities.  It is a timber that wears well, has a beautiful brown tone and is soft under foot (


The end product is an ageless garden that has been sustainably constructed and stands the test of time.


In 2020 Lachie will be planting 7,000 native grasses and 7,750 native trees in a 15 hectare revegetation zone in conjunction with CMA.

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“We were incredibly lucky to employ the services of Lachie Anderson…”