Luma Landscapes

Toorak 02

Nestled in the heart of Toorak, this garden marries timeless classic aesthetics with contemporary allure, showcasing a perfect balance of form and function. Anchored by a series of strategically placed sculptures, the garden features enduring bluestone paving along pathways, instilling a sense of elegance. Amidst the lush and traditionally inspired plantings, we’ve seamlessly integrated modern elements, creating a harmonious coexistence of past and present. Notably, the outdoor space is not merely ornamental; it’s a functional haven, boasting built-in bench seats strategically positioned to cater to large gatherings. This thoughtful addition ensures that the garden transcends its visual appeal, providing a practical and inviting setting for socialising amidst the curated beauty of Toorak.


Integrated furniture

A well-designed outdoor gathering space within a garden, complete with built-in furniture, adds immeasurable value to both the aesthetics and functionality of a property. Beyond mere visual appeal, such a space transforms the garden into a versatile haven for socialising and relaxation. The built-in furniture, be it benches or seating nooks, not only enhances the overall design coherence but also serves a practical purpose by providing comfortable and purposeful seating arrangements. This thoughtfully planned outdoor area becomes an extension of the home, inviting residents and guests alike to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature while enjoying the convenience of well-integrated furnishings. The value lies not only in the aesthetic enhancement of the garden but also in the creation of a welcoming environment that encourages communal gatherings, fostering connections, and making the outdoor space an integral part of daily living.


The presence of sculpture in a garden elevates the outdoor space to a realm of beauty. Sculptures, whether bold and contemporary or gracefully classical, serve as captivating focal points that engage the senses. The interplay of form, texture, and material in a well-chosen sculpture adds a dynamic layer to the natural surroundings, enhancing the aesthetic experience of the garden. As sunlight dances upon the curves and angles, and shadows play upon the sculpted surfaces, a garden with carefully placed sculptures becomes a living gallery.