Luma Landscapes


Nestled within the coastal town of Portsea, this project is a harmonious blend of natural beauty and coastal living. Portsea’s unique coastal feel served as our inspiration, guiding us to create a garden that seamlessly integrates with the town’s breathtaking surroundings. The centrepiece of this garden is a pool, offering a serene oasis amidst the coastal landscape.

Portsea’s coastal environment is known for its pristine beauty and native vegetation, which we have preserved and incorporated into our design. The existing native vegetation serves as a living testament to the region’s ecological significance and offers a sense of authenticity to the garden. We have complemented this with mass plantings of native grasses and coastal plantings that not only enhance the garden’s sustainability but also pay homage to the natural splendour of this coastal setting. These native plantings provide a muted backdrop that blends effortlessly with the coastal ambience, creating a soothing and inviting environment.

The pool, a central feature of the garden, is designed to harmonise with the coastal surroundings, offering a place for relaxation and enjoyment. The clear blue waters of the pool reflect the vibrant hues of the nearby ocean, while the surrounding native grasses and plants create a soft transition from the garden to the beach, enhancing the overall coastal experience. Our Portsea garden is a celebration of coastal living, where the beauty of the natural landscape is embraced and enhanced, offering a tranquil retreat that perfectly complements the allure of this coastal town.


Stone Steppers

Stone steppers, gracefully winding their way through a lush, green lawn, bring a sense of connection to this garden. At Luma, we appreciate the art of creating pathways that not only guide your steps but also engage the senses. These natural stone steppers offer a seamless connection with the outdoors, inviting you to explore and connect with the beauty of your garden at a leisurely pace. Whether you’re looking to create a subtle route to your favourite garden spot or a meandering walkway that encourages reflection, stone steppers offer a timeless and picturesque solution.

Coastal Planting

Embracing the natural beauty of the coastal environment, native coastal plantings capture the essence of seaside living in this garden. These plantings not only celebrate the resilience and diversity of coastal flora but also offer a low-maintenance and sustainable approach to garden design. With the rugged charm of native grasses, the vibrant blooms of coastal wildflowers, and the texture of salt-tolerant shrubs, our designs reflect the rugged beauty of the seaside. Let us guide you through the possibilities and demonstrate how native coastal plantings can infuse your garden with a sense of place, allowing you to savour the coastal lifestyle right in your own outdoor sanctuary.

Central Lawn

These open, inviting areas not only serve as a practical backdrop for gatherings, play, and relaxation but also offer a sense of serenity and spaciousness to any garden. At Luma, we aim to maximise the potential of these lawns, creating room for a variety of activities while maintaining their elegant aesthetics. With careful attention to the functionality and suitability, we ensure that your lawn is a dynamic element of your outdoor haven year-round. Let us show you how a central lawn can be the heart of your garden, offering a space for endless possibilities and a harmonious connection with nature.


To enhance the functionality of the steel pergola, an extending awning was incorporated. This feature provided shade and protection from the elements, making the outdoor area usable even during hot or rainy weather. The awning served as an extension of the pergola, ensuring comfort and allowing for enjoyable outdoor experiences throughout the day.