Luma Landscapes


This landscape design project in Ivanhoe tackled the challenge of a large, sloping garden space. The objective was to create a visually stunning space that harnessed the natural slope as a prominent landscape design feature.

By integrating decks, steps, and varied surfaces, we successfully interconnected the various entertaining spaces, pool area, and tennis court within the rear yard. This innovative approach created a cohesive and functional layout that seamlessly united the different elements of the outdoor space.


Outdoor Rooms

To maximise the potential of the large garden space, the project involved breaking the rear yard into different rooms. Each area was designated for a specific function, such as entertaining, a pool, a tennis court, and tree features. This approach allowed for a seamless flow between the various outdoor rooms and enhanced the functionality of the overall landscape design.

Large Format Steppers

Large format steppers were strategically used to link the different tree areas together. These oversized stepping stones not only provided a practical pathway but also added visual interest and served as design elements within the garden. The use of large format steppers created a sense of rhythm and harmony, connecting the various tree features and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Slope as a Design Feature

The significant slope from front to back of the garden was viewed as an opportunity rather than a hindrance. To leverage the slope as a design feature, the landscape designer employed decks, steps, and different surfaces to create a dynamic and visually appealing outdoor space. By skillfully integrating these elements, the slope became an integral part of the contemporary landscape design, adding depth, texture, and dimension to the overall composition.