Luma Landscapes

Glen Iris

This case study examines our landscape design project in Glen Iris that posed an interesting challenge due to its sloping site. The objective was to create a contemporary outdoor space that complimented the existing architecture without succumbing to topographical constraints.

We created a unique solution by constructing a bridge which provided direct access to the front door, whilst adding an innovative and contemporary landscape design feature.

To enhance the functionality of the sloping site, we implemented terraced levels within the landscape design, offering multiple functional outdoor spaces for relaxation and entertainment while making the most of the property’s size.



To overcome the sloping site obstacle, a creative and practical solution was devised: the construction of a bridge. By connecting the footpath to the front door, this bridge not only resolved the accessibility issue but also served as an intriguing architectural feature. Its design integrated the property with its natural surroundings, ensuring a seamless transition and providing visitors with a visually captivating path to the entrance.


A pool was strategically incorporated into the landscape design to serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. The design included positioning one side of the pool exposed out of the ground, eliminating the need for a pool fence on the side facing the tennis court. This design decision ensured uninterrupted views across the tennis court while maintaining the safety and privacy of the pool area.


The plantings were intentionally kept simple yet impactful. The primary goal was to create a screen that would provide privacy and enhance the overall aesthetic of the property. Carefully selected plants were positioned strategically to complement the architecture of the house, creating a harmonious blend between the natural and built elements of the garden.