Luma Landscapes


Nestled in the picturesque town of Emerald, Victoria, this project is a testament to the quintessential charm and rustic elegance that defines this enchanting town. Drawing inspiration from the town’s name itself, our goal was to create a garden that reflects the lush, natural beauty and serene tranquillity that Emerald is renowned for.

The pathways that meander through this garden are composed of rustic gravel, mirroring the beauty of the Emerald region. These gravel pathways invite leisurely strolls and create a sense of exploration within the property. Alongside these pathways, stone walls rise gracefully, adding an architectural dimension to the design while enhancing the overall sense of permanence and tranquillity. The combination of gravel and stone elements serves as a nod to the town’s heritage, echoing the enduring spirit of Emerald.

Our Emerald garden design is a tribute to the town’s timeless allure, seamlessly blending established trees, country and cottage planting, gravel pathways, and stone walls. It captures the essence of a place where nature and history coexist harmoniously, inviting residents to step into a sanctuary of rustic elegance and rural nostalgia within the heart of Victoria’s picturesque countryside.


Gravel Driveway

Gravel driveways, a classic and versatile choice in garden design, are the first impression of your outdoor space, and at Luma, we understand their significance. They effortlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, offering a timeless appeal that complements a variety of architectural styles. Gravel driveways create a welcoming path through your garden, adding texture and character to your landscape. The satisfying crunch underfoot and the visually pleasing texture make them a unique choice. These driveways are not only low-maintenance but also allow for effective water drainage, ensuring that your garden stays as lush and healthy as ever.

Stone Walls

Stone walls, the timeless and sturdy backbone of country gardens, hold a unique charm that never goes out of style. At Luma, we appreciate the authenticity and character that stone walls bring to rural landscapes. These walls not only serve as structural elements but also contribute to the garden’s narrative, weaving a story of permanence and tradition. The rough texture of the stones adds a touch of rustic elegance, perfectly complementing the surrounding natural beauty. Our craftsmanship ensures that every stone is carefully placed, creating walls that not only define spaces but also showcase the artistry and craftsmanship behind them. Whether you’re looking for retaining walls, garden borders, or a statement piece, we can design and build stone walls that enhance the rustic charm of your country garden, creating a truly enchanting and enduring outdoor space.

Textural Planting

In the art of garden design, the magic often lies in the layering. At Luma, we specialise in creating gardens that are not just a collection of plants but living tapestries of nature. Layered plants, trees, and flowers are the heart of any good garden, adding depth, texture, and dimension to outdoor spaces. We carefully curate a harmonious blend of colours, heights, and shapes, ensuring that your garden evolves with the seasons, offering a kaleidoscope of beauty throughout the year. From the anchor of sturdy trees to the delicate grace of vibrant flowers at ground level, each layer contributes to a captivating symphony of life. Let us weave a story with your garden’s greenery, creating an ever-changing landscape that enchants the senses and invites you to explore, relax, and connect with the natural world.