Luma Landscapes


Our landscape design project in Elwood showcased a blend of traditional and contemporary elements. We embarked on a transformation journey that extended from the front to the rear of the property, including the integration of an existing pool. Our goal was to create a cohesive and balanced design that seamlessly fused the timeless charm of tradition with the sleek aesthetics of modernity.


Central Lawn

One of the challenges was to incorporate a driveway without it dominating the overall traditional design. To address this, we employed a creative solution – an oval lawn. This not only added an elegant touch to the landscape but also allowed us to expand the available space for plants. The oval lawn seamlessly merged functionality with aesthetics, striking a delicate balance within the design.

Rear Garden Transformation

As they have a young children, we tried to achieve a contemporary rear garden. Here, our aim was to create a space that maximised usability while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing design. To achieve this, we strategically employed smaller garden beds and thoughtfully positioned hedges, resulting in an open and spacious area that offers ample room for play and activities. Additionally, we strategically placed trees within the lawn. This deliberate choice not only added another layer to the overall planting scheme but also brought a sense of vitality to the design.

Integrating an Existing Pool

While working with an existing pool, our objective was to seamlessly integrate it into the new design. We wanted to ensure that the pool didn’t appear disconnected from the overall aesthetic. To achieve this, we introduced a seating area and a green wall adorned with Chinese star jasmine. These additions successfully blended the pool with the surrounding landscape, harmonising it with the contemporary elements of the backyard design.