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Luma Landscapes, led by Lachie Anderson, specialises in the creation of both aesthetically pleasing and functional gardens tailored to a diverse range of styles and requirements.

Since its establishment in 1995, based in Richmond, Luma has been dedicated to delivering a seamless integration of your home’s architecture with the envisioned function and appearance of your garden. Our design philosophy revolves around harmoniously combining aesthetics and utility to define spaces. This fusion is achieved through considered use of timber decks, paving, thoughtfully curated vegetation, retaining walls, as well as strategically positioned pools and water features, resulting in captivating landscapes.

Our comprehensive approach spans from initial landscape design consultation, through to landscape design and construction, and finally garden maintenance. Throughout this entire journey, you will liaise with a single point of contact, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process. Previous clients consistently endorse our services, serving as a genuine testament to the calibre of our craftsmanship.

“Lachie designed a garden
for me that was well
beyond my wildest


“I would highly recommend
Lachie and his hard
working team over and
over again”


At Luma Landscapes, the journey begins with you. We are dedicated to understanding your design preferences, budgetary considerations, and garden requirements, laying the foundation for a successful project for all involved.

Our priority is to craft an outdoor oasis that seamlessly complements your residence, with your unique personality at the core of our creation. Instead of conforming to fleeting trends, our aim is to give life to a garden design that mirrors your identity, harmonizes with the architectural language of your home, and works with the site’s existing characteristics.

From initial concept design through to construction, you will collaborate with a single point of contact. This commitment guarantees a harmonious and streamlined process, culminating in a garden that brings joy and evolves over time.


We take a client-focused approach to each project, aiming to build a harmonious connection between your home and garden. We’re passionate about bringing your ideas to life with the use of carefully selected materials, greenery and features to help enrich the space.

We believe that both beauty and function should be considered and used synchronously. We take your ideas, needs and budget into consideration to help bring it all together. We love being part of it all – we’ll oversee the entire process from the concept, to the design and architecture, to the landscaping construction and maintenance.